Klinger Fluid Control GmbH


The production department

Future-oriented manufacturing 


The company KLINGER Fluid Control is the traditional Austrian competence-center of the Klinger Group for development, manufacturing, service, testing and the worldwide distribution of valves and borosilicate gauge glasses. More than 120 years of experience in innovations, product development and manufacturing of industrial valves combined with the latest production technologies are the basis of our success and the constantly high and approved standard of quality.

Spectrum of production

What we achieve

From the small piston valve with nominal size DN 10 up to the giant ball valve with 1000 mm bore diameter - the company KLINGER Fluid Control offers a wide spectrum of industrial valves.


Stock and dispatch department of Klinger Fluid Control 

Most of all compontents and part units used for our products are manufactured and assembled in the factory workshop in Gumpoldskirchen.

The following elements ensure our leading position in the production of high value valves:

  • skilled, motivated and flexible employees
  • highly automated machining centres, which are state-the-art
  • modern assembly and testing facilities
  • high investment into education, machinery and workshop
  • optimal working conditions, which are conform to the current statutory provisions

We are anxious to meet the requirements of our customers, the industrial market and technical standards by constant improvement and development Both the continous optimising of already established products as well as the realisation of new product requirements have first priority at KLINGER Fluid Control.


Production-specific certificates
Independently approved quality and performance



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