District Energy

Excellent thermal resistance, a long service life and a performance that ensures efficiency. These mission-critical characteristics can be found in all our products and solutions for district heating applications.


KLINGER Fluid Control products meet international standards and quality specifications. This in combination with the unique sealing system feature of for example the Ballostar KHI range provides extra safety and efficiency. A test and drain valve welded to the ball valve housing allows the pressure to be relieved intermediately while the ball is closed.

The key benefit of this feature is that Ballostar KHI can be leak-tested at any time without having to open the pipeline. These ball valves are fit for many different applications such as underground district heating trenches, buried pipelines, co-generation power stations, pump stations, steelworks, hydroelectric power stations and tunnel boring machines.

Shut-off valves for district heating

The grafic on the left shows the wide range of KLINGER Fluid Control shut-off ball valves for the district heating sector. Zoom in on the product portfolio form the CHP plant to the final installation at the site of the end consumer.

Total Cost of Ownership

KLINGER Fluid Control ball valves guarantee a perfect combination between technical performance and economic advantage. Initial costs, service-related costs, explicit and hidden costs that are incurred during the entire operating life of the valve are to be considered.

Certified Quality

In order to increase operational safety, the requirements regarding buried shut-off vlaves are constantly increased. Meeting these requirements is achieved through the utilization of special valves with particularly rigid and deformation-free bodies. The corresponding technical requirements and test methods for shut-off valves directly buried within district heating networks are defined  in the EN 488.

KLINGER Ballostar KHSVI VVS ball valves, DN 150 to 800, have been successfully tested and certified by the TÜV Austria on the company-own multi-function test stand under inclusion of the expanded requirements of EN 488:2019.


Unique elastic sealing system

The ball valve can be pressurized in both flow directions. The elasticity of the sealing elements allows for a compensation of thermal expansions.

Thanks to this function, two primary sealed areas are constantly present in the bore.

Double Block & Bleed

Key benefit of this feature is that Ballostar KHI can be leak-tested at any time without having to open the pipeline.

The diverse KLINGER Fluid Control underground portfolio at a glance!

KLINGER Fluid Control offers a large selection of different designs and executions. All of the standard ball valves are EN488:2019 certified. Shut off ball valves can be equipped with manual gears and either electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, different stem extensions and either a drain and/or a vent valve. In our standard portfolio insulated fittings are not included. Per request an individual tailor made solution can be worked out and made to order. We are proud to deliver various tailor-made solutions fitted for the high standards of special district heating requirements.

  • Main execution for district heating piping networks. Standard shut-off ball valve with fully welded tailor made stem extensions.
  • The telescopic shaft extension can be adapted to the existing earth cover on the construction site and a commercially available protective tube can be installed.
  • An additional bleed valve, gives the customer the possibility to check the buried valve for leaks in the passage which makes it a very safe solution at difficult installation sites.
  • Standard solution that serves the entire network from large main lines to small house connections.

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