The KLINGER Ballostar KHA features serial antistatic equipment in accordance with ISO 7121 and EN 1983 respectively. In this context, an antistatic ball, from DN 50 upwards, ensures the electrostatic discharge.

Initial situation:

» Through friction of the medium on stem and due to the rotary movement of the stem in the stuffingbox , electrostatic charging can occur during operation of a valve. This electrostatic charge can lead to the formation of sparks which in turn can lead to a explosion when the valve is used in an zone with explosive ambient conditions (EX zone). Therefore valves must have an special equipment to prevent the formation of sparks, especially when they will be used in ex zones.

» The new generation of the KLINGER KFC ball valve series KHA have an “anti static” equipment to be able to use in explosion zones.

Anti static equipment:

»The anti static equipment of the KHA ball valve series consists of a small ball located in the stem (1) and an anti - static disc (2) located in the stuffing box. That means that the valve is discharged and do not have a potential ignition source and and might be actuated as well as mechanically, electrically or pneumatic. The standard ATEX 2014/34/EU is therefore not applicable to this equipment and the valve may be used in an explosion zone.


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