Sustainable and efficient – district heating is on the rise and helping to achieve climate targets. The planned expansion benefits both the industry and the environment.

District heating is an important alternative to oil heating systems. Almost 50 percent of the energy in Austria is already obtained from renewable sources. 150 sustainable projects are on the rise in Austria. By 2030 Austria's district heating networks will increase to 6,500 km - roughly the length of the Earth's radius. This also means an increased demand for piping components. Due to the expansion of district heating, more and more customers are being connected to the district heating network. This network connects the consumers with the producers, i.e., power plants, where heat and electricity are generated at the same time (combined heat and power). Further means of heat production that are particularly sustainable are thermal recycling of waste in incineration plants and the use of waste heat from industrial and sewage treatment plants with the help of large heat pumps.



District heating network with KLINGER ball valves and piston valves

In order to keep heat loss to a minimum, pipes are carefully insulated before they are buried in the ground or laid in collector corridors. The water flows through the pipes at between 90°C and 160°C. The high temperatures allow as much energy as possible to be transported. In addition, the pipes are under high pressure to overcome the varying elevations in the supply area. Hot water flows from the producer, transporting the energy to the consumer, and returns as cooled water. This cycle can extend for kilometers. All of this puts a lot of strain on the material. Not just the pipes, but also the valves and gaskets have to be very robust in order to withstand the physical forces acting on them.

Products of KLINGER Fluid Control in district heating

Ball valves

» KLINGER Ballostar KHSVI / KHSVI-VVS, DN 150 – 1000 PN 25-40

» KLINGER Ballostar KHA, DN 15-125 PN 40

» KLINGER Monoball KHO, DN, 15-250 PN 16-40, PN 25

Piston Valves

» KVN DN 15-200 PN 16-40


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