The new KLINGER Ballostar KHA

We present: Our multi-talented ball valve for the industry!

The KLINGER Ballostar KHA is multi-talented because of many application cases. There are three kinds of connections, six types of sealing elements and three stuffing box designs. Fire-safe which is now standard and a new surface coating for rust protection "KACP" - KLINGER Advanced Corrosion Protection" - count among the great product advantages.

The three-piece ball valve ensures absolute operational safety with certified quality so it provides an ideal solution wherever abrasive media, a high number of switching operations or large temperature fluctuations occur.

So the ball valve can be used between -196°C and +400°C. In addition to the high temperature fluctuations, it also has to withstand high loads, so that the ball valve is tailored precisely to the constantly increasing demands of the industry.

Cost-saving & service-friendly
In addition to high product quality, the three-piece ball valve KHA is characterised by its ease of maintenance. All wear parts are available as spare parts and can be replaced easily and in a time-saving manner. The sealing elements can be replaced in the installed state without dsimantling the valve in all design variants. When replacing the stuffing box, however, the valve must be removed from the pipeline.

What you should also know:
The KLINGER Ballostar KHA with Double Block & Bleed function is the safest solution for maintenance - please read more!

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