What's the difference between KVN and globe valves

The KVN piston valve from KLINGER Fluid Control is a proven product that has been used successfully for decades in a wide range of industries and applications. Based on experience, the piston valve has significant advantages compared to conventional globe valves.


The main advantages of the KLINGER piston valves are:

(1) Torque characteristic: Constant torque from open to close and vice versa
(2) No seat erosion: The seat rings are not directly exposed to the flow
(3) No particles in the media: „Self cleaning“ effect
(4) Maintenance: Simple „inline“ service“


(1) Torque characteristic




KVN piston valve

Constant torque progression from open to close position. The piston is moving through the valve rings and will not be pressed on a seat.


Globe valve

When closing, a torque increase occurs when the piston presses on the seat. By opening the valve, a torque peak is created when the piston is torn away from the seat.


(2) Seat erosion




KVN piston valve

In open position, the valve rings are not directly in the media flow due to the construction of the valve. Seat erosion is limited to a minimum.


Globe valve

The valve seat is exposed to the flow in open position. Erosion could occur which is harming the seat.


(3) Particles in the media





KVN piston valve

Particles in the flow could stick to the inner surface of the lower valve ring. Those particles will be pushed back by the piston when closing the valve (self cleaning effect).


Globe valve

Particles from the flow stick on the surface of the seat. Those particles will be pressed into the seat by the piston when closing the valve which weaken the seat material.


(4) Maintenance

The KVN piston valve can be maintained „inline“.
It is not necessary to remove the valve from the
pipeline for maintenance. An service should always
be done in a depressurised state of the valve.
All important parts of the valve are available as spare
parts. The maintenance can be carried out easily and
in a time-saving manner.

Spare parts:

(1) Valve rings
(2) Lantern
(3) Spindle
(4) Piston
(5) Complete bonnet


The KVN piston valve from KLINGER Fluid Control celebrated 100 years anniversary last year.
This product laid the foundation for the pioneering role in piston valve technology.

For more technical infos of the KLINGER KVN please click here.

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