Sustainable quality. trusted. worldwide.
Sustainable quality.Trusted worldwide.

Product overview KLINGER Fluid Control

KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH offers a wide range of valves for various applications in the process industry. With over 135 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality products, we ensure that our products are manufactured under strict quality controls to meet the highest standards in terms of performance and reliability.

We are also committed to providing excellent service by developing and offering customized solutions for the most specific requirements. You can also rely on extensive technical support from KLINGER, provided by a team of experienced professionals.

We are your partner for the development, design, manufacture, and worldwide distribution of industrial valves and borosilicate sight glasses. Our products are characterized by long service life, excellent heat resistance, and high performance efficiency, and can be offered both standardized and customized due to a global distribution and service network.

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