Double Block and Bleed KHA ball valve
KLINGER Ballostar® KHA DBB ball valve



The safest solution for maintenance.

A single ball valve instead of two? With the Double Block & Bleed (DBB) function, we
offer a perfect solution regarding lifecycle costs.

As opposed to the floating design, the 3-piece ball valve is in this case
trunnion mounted. This construction alternative (for nominal widths
between 50 and 125 mm) improves durability, enabling the ball
valve to guarantee optimal functionality and operational
safety even under the most demanding conditions.

Next to time and cost savings, the optional Double Block & Bleed
function, either with a drain valve or drainage by way of
the trunnion, is important in applications featuring limited installation space.


Furthermore, the BALLOSTAR KHA-DBB convinces
with its sealing and safety features.

There are two different versions available:

  • Trunnion mounted
  • Trunnion mounted with drain cock
    (complete Double Block & Bleed solution)

Type overview


KHA DBB trunnion mounted KHA DBB Double Block and Bleed

This KLINGER Ballostar KHA DBB consists of two elastic sealing elements and a double bearing ball. The two independent of each other acting sealing
elements unite the two valves.The additional drain cock is used for a complete drainage of the dead space. The cavity of the ball valve can be drained and depressurized by opening the drain/ test cock while the KHA is in closed position. Furthermore, during operation in the closed position there can be checked whether the input-side sealing element reliably sealed.


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